Attribute Value
Mass 1.7 M🜨
Mean Radius 1.52 R🜨
Density 0.48 ρ🜨
Surface Gravity 0.74g
Distance from Star 0.05 AU
Locking Tidally locked to star, creating a permanent hemisphere of darkness and one of extreme high temperature, as well as a habitable ring in the "twilight" region where human civilization persists.
Orbital Period 29 earth days
Orbital Eccentricity 0.02
Mean Temperature - Dark Side -114°C
Mean Temperature - Light Side 82.3°C
Mean Temperature - Habitable Ring 6.7°C
Surface Pressure 0.6 bars
Moons none
Subtension of Star 1.5986°
Circumference 60,914km
Width of Habitable Ring 270 km
Habitable Surface Area 16,476,763 km^2


Attribute Value
Mass 0.13 Solar masses
Mean Radius 0.15 Solar radii
Luminosity 0.17% Solar luminosity
Spectral Type M5.7
Classification Red dwarf flare star