The ReVerse is shutting down.

Until April 30, 2024, ReVerse NFT purchasers have the opportunity to request a reimbursement for ReVerse NFTs.

The amount of the reimbursement will be calculated pro-rata based on the amount invested, minus expenses incurred (art, gas, contracts).

To file a request, please email reimbursements@thereverse.io and provide:

  • the transaction ID number(s) where you transferred Ether in early 2022 to account 0xef15dae8704D3b07fe4CA1346cB2534BB7c281d3
  • the numerical ID(s) of your NFT(s)

Reimbursements can only be issued to the original Ethereum account that made payment for the NFT, based on the Ether amount of that transaction as recorded on the blockchain, and provided that this account still holds the NFT. If you transferred or secondary-purchased a ReVerse NFT before January 1, 2024 please contact us at the address above and we will review your request.

You will receive an explanation of the reimbursement amount via email, then a transfer before May 15, 2024. We will follow up by email if we need more information.

Thank you for your support, and farewell.